Matra M530

Matra M530

The first 530 (badged Matra Sports M530A) was shown to the public on March 7, 1967 at the Geneva Motor Show. It had a 70 DIN hp Ford 1700 cc V4 engine, which gave the car a top speed of 175 km/h (109 mph).

Introduced at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show was the Matra Simca M530LX, which was a minor redesign of the 530A by Michelotti. The most notable changes were the rear hatch (now made of glass and opens with struts like a hatchback) and the front bumper.

A budget version of the 530, Matra Simca 530SX, was introduced in October 1971. The SX lacks the targa top roof and pop-up headlights. Instead there were four fixed headlights mounted on top of the front (hence it was nicknamed "The Pirate"), the only available colours being orange and white and the finishing was much simpler than the LX version (black instead of chrome bumpers

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