Murena Mechanics

Anyone looking for the engine in the front or rear will be disappointed. The engineers at MATRA drew on their Formula 1 experience and placed the engine centrally, just in front of the rear axle.

This position has a significant advantage: the car’s center of gravity is precisely in the middle. This perfect balance enhances road handling and improves the transfer of power to the road surface.

The braking system consists of self-adjusting disc brakes with floating calipers, both front and rear, ensuring safety and effectiveness. The brake pressure regulator ensures proper brake pressure distribution, keeping braking distances as short as possible.

The transmission is a synchronized 5-speed gearbox, available on both the Murena 1.6 and the Murena 2.2 and S models. The smooth gear transitions make it particularly agile in city traffic. With the short, precisely responsive floor-mounted gear stick, shifting is quick and seamless.

For technical specifications of the engines, please refer to the overview under the section “Technical Data.” Due to its reliable engineering and the fact that all components are still readily available, the MURENA is well-suited for daily use.

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