Matra Murena

Many coupes that are called sports cars are, in fact, nothing more than streamlined adaptations of the regular classic models. Or they are those horsepower-packed speed monsters that are forever out of reach due to their price. The MATRA MURENA is an exception to this.

A true delight for everyone who cherishes the technological development in the automotive industry of the past. A thoroughbred coupe for all connoisseurs who refuse to settle for compromises. And of course, for those for whom the car will always remain a passion.

The MURENA has an irresistible, unconventional style. Its perfectly streamlined contours give it a unique allure. Its centrally placed engine, independently suspended wheels, and well-thought-out suspension provide it with handling that ranks among the safest.

In all three versions, the 1.6-liter, the 2.2-liter, and the 2.2 S liter, the MURENA proves that performance and comfort do not have to be mutually exclusive. The interior space, the original design of the seats, and the exceptional handling place it indisputably in the highest class among oldtimers.

The Matra Murena was one of the last cars produced by Matra before the company shifted its focus away from automobile manufacturing. This makes the Murena not just a remarkable car, but also a significant piece of Matra’s storied legacy in the automotive world.

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