01001 – New Matra Murena 1.6 Engine


New Matra Murena 1.6 engine block (exchange part) with overhauled cylinder head, lower block, and crankcase. Includes new gaskets, distribution set, oil filter, and adjusted valves. No engine oil included.

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New Matra Murena 1.6 engine block (exchange part) comes fully equipped for optimal performance. It features a completely overhauled cylinder head with a new head gasket, a thoroughly reconditioned lower block, and a mounted crankcase with a new gasket and drain plug ring. The valve cover includes a new gasket, and the engine block comes with a new distribution set, adjusted valves, and an oil filter. Additionally, it has new crankshaft oil seals on both the pulley and gearbox sides. A good used camshaft is included, but we require your old camshaft. Please note that engine oil is not included. For more information, contact us via email or phone.

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 50 cm
Original Matra part number


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